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Pubg Underground Tunnels Location Updated 2018

          Pubg Underground Tunnels Location Updated 2018

Sometimes, my team and that i had been preventing in the bunker tunnel device (coords (f/l) in no way finding out which way to visit loot all rooms or escape in case of emergency situations. We puzzled why there hasn’t been any maps for the bunker system yet and so we determined to create our own map. We hope it’ll are available and could assist one or of you, too!In participant unknown battlegrounds there may be a huge underground bunker in f4 packed with excessive grade loot. I realize from a sport where i joined a random squad that there are more underground bunkers as we ran throughout a small one as we were traversing the map.

I have now not been capable of find the smaller bunker once more; what number of underground bunkers are there and wherein are they positioned?I know of 3 except the main one. 2 are very near the firing range, one literally simply outside by means of the road, and the alternative a piece further east from the range. There may be a third to the west of the variety possibly approximately three or four times as a ways as the only to the east and it’s far a piece extra north. I’ve been searching out a map of all of them however haven’t determined whatever yet. The entrances look like thin yellow brackets at the map, like this [we simply visited the alternative bunker, it became someplace inside the north and best consisted of one room, however it had some very decent loot. So there’s as a minimum 2 bunkers at the island, and i’m assuming there must be extra.Yeah i assume there are a few other small ones with single rooms scattered around, but that is the foremost one. I have not found any mapping of the smaller ones. Maximum maps are approximately vehicle spawns and location loot drop rates.There are no loot spawn points carried out inside the map but. They could follow if enough human beings are interested.
Green = floor floor (be) // first ground (ae)
Grey = -1
Crimson = -2

Updated: April 11, 2018 — 4:09 pm

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