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Earn to die 2 – exodus is the newest model of the sport. This game could be very popular in 2017 and additionally has a mobile version. The latest version of earn to die 2 is coming very soon.

The game picks off from the primary earn to die. The zombie-apocalypse survivor has efficiently made it to the helicopter and has seemingly escaped the hordes of the undead. However, the zombies are extra tenacious than they appear. They bring the chopper down and the main person is left seemingly back to square one. He sees in a map what appears to be an escape location or an area free from zombies. Here is in which the sport starts.

Earn to die: 2012 – 2 is the sequel to the wreck hit earn to die.

As constantly, you’ll have three motors to pick from to use to mow down the hordes of undead. These are the muscle vehicle, the armored Humvee, and the college bus. Fanatics of the zombie-genre will at once note understand these cars and the foundation from them.


As continually, controls for all automobiles are the equal all through the game no matter what vehicle you’re the usage of. Up key moves the car forward. Down key movements it back. Left key tilts it up and proper key tilts it down. X key offers it a boost of velocity but handiest when you get the rate improve upgrade (which you definitely must).

Gameplay The automobiles

Like the first game you start with a car, the weakest of the 3, and this time it’s the muscle car. The electricity of this car is roughly as robust as the strength of the pickup, the second car in the previous collection. As continually, simply hold moving and jogging over zombies and barriers. Don’t fear if in the first elements of the game you’re making very small progress. The bodies will start flying very quickly.

New ranges/checkpoint system

New to the game is the addition of checkpoints within the desolate tract. These checkpoints divide the sport into specific degrees that you need to travel through and beat. This makes for a far longer sport than the first earn to die, which essentially had best one stage.

Preserve upgrading

As you progress, you will see it’s far important to improve your car. This is the most effective manner to progress so cash misers, beware. This isn’t the sport for you. You’re going to should spend, spend and spend. Get those improvements to energy your car ASAP. Of very sizeable notice is the gasoline, pace improve, transmission, and engine improvements. These improvements will come up with the excellent output and have your vehicle journey the furthest distance. But as you get all the upgrades for the car, you’ll notice one inevitable fact. No matter how much you improve it, even to its max output, it may most effective pass to date.


The answer? Purchase the higher vehicles! Buy the Humvee to get through the center degrees then get the monster faculty bus as quickly as you’ve got the coins. As you may see, the best way to complete the game is on the college bus ultimately. This monster of a vehicle will chomp down barriers and zombies right away. Also, it improves will provide you with the rocket-like power to easily climb over long, tall ramps in the sport. All of the things the alternative vehicles should do, this automobile will be capable of do, the best way, manner better. It’s the game finisher so buying it ASAP is your priority.

It’s constantly been about upgrading your machines, then just doing lots of gratuitous zombie-killing. It’s a very easy, addicting and powerful method for making a great online game. So what are you waiting for? Time to begin walking over zombies. Experience playing this recreation!

Updated: April 10, 2018 — 4:36 am

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